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Well, I’ve had the domain name cathyhughestarot.com for a while now and I haven’t exactly known what to do with it.  I started out trying to create a business site, but it was a pretty clumsy attempt on my part and I just liked this blog so much that it felt silly to put more effort to a tarot site when I have a perfectly good one here.

At the same time, I’ve been wanting to earn more money while I’m still building my freelance writing and tarot business.  After watching a couple of blogs that I love put up advertising and my realizing that it didn’t change my experience of their sites at all, I realized that I could do the same.

So, an idea was born.  I’ve decided to move this blog from it’s current space, here, to http://www.cathyhughestarot.com.  It will still have the same posts as before, but the look will be a bit different and, yes, there will be advertising (and I’m using Google adsense, so the ads are sort of silly because they shove the whole psychic thing down your throat).  But, I’m confident that readers will be able to ignore the ads and still have the same experience of this blog at its new location.  I am also excited because I think that this added income (however small it may be) will encourage me to add posts more regularly, etc.

That said, I am open to hearing any ideas you might have about the appearance of the blog (it’s a little bland at the moment and I’m wondering if you think I should add some colors, etc. or if you like it’s minimalist appearance).  So, please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.

Once the move is complete, I will be shutting down this site and only this post and a link will remain.  Wish me luck!



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